Oh one of these days my hope that the 1972 Dolphins be knocked out of the record books will happen-just not this year

Yes I am an admitted Dolphin hater and have been since that cheater Don Shula  finked my Jets in 1982. I know he cheated and he knows he cheated not covering the field for a torrential down pour the night before the AFC title game. Hey when you are a Jets fan you only get so many chances and that was the best 1 of my fandom lifetime. I so hope to see my arch enemy knocked from the unbeaten record for 1 season but thanks to the Chiefs that won't happen this year. By the way KC where was this kind of play when I called for it earlier in the year. Thanks. Seriously congratulations to Romeo Crennel for a job well done. Your defensive game plan to get all over Aaron Rodgers was brilliant.

However that leaves the 72 Dolphins as the only unbeaten Superbowl Champ which means we have to hear from Shula, Mercury Morris, and other members of that team every time someone threatens that historic mark. Make no mistake though Donny cheater that day is coming. Who knows maybe it will be my Jets who gets it done. Oh wouldn't that be poetic justice for this still bitter Jet fan!

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