From Green Bay to New York, from darkness retreats, now to politics, future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers always seems to have something to say. This time, the soon-to-be Jets QB hopes to influence the 2024 Presidential elections.

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Wednesday on his Instagram account, the 18-year NFL veteran endorsed a democratic presidential candidate that shares Rodgers' philosophies on vaccines. Remember Mr. Rodgers, not your neighbor, "misled" the media, telling them he was "immunized" in the midst of the pandemic? Water under the Rodgers Bridge. Now, the Jets future QB would like to tell people how to vote. Hopefully he's not being misleading again...

Aaron Rodgers shared the above Instagram post that was a promotion for his friend, and fellow anti-vaxxer, Aubrey Marcus's interview with Democratic presidential challenger Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The nephew of the former President of the United States and son of the U.S. Attorney General and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy announced last week that he was challenging President Biden in a Democratic Primary.

In the 1980's, RFK Jr was New York City's Assistant District Attorney prior to being arrested on heroin possession. The presidential candidate has been an environmental attorney since. Rodgers, Marcus and Kennedy all express concerns with vaccines.

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According to Yaron Steinbuch of, Rodgers made the endorsement by sharing the promo of Aubrey Marcus’ podcast interview with the 69-year-old Democrat. On his Instagram post, the still-Green Bay Packers quarterback wrote “kennedy2024” under the promotional clip, which was shared on his Instagram stories.

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