Boxer Bernard Hopkins threw quarterback Donovan McNabb under the bus by saying that McNabb isn't black enough. 

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Bernard Hopkins questioned Donovan McNabb's toughness during a training session in preparation for an upcoming fight against Jean Pascal.  Members of the media witnessed Hopkins point at his own skin and say, "Forget this.  He's got a suntan.  That's all I know."

Hopkins mentioned the "priviledged background" that McNabb enjoyed when he was growing up in Chicago.  He also added, "McNabb is the guy in the house, while everybody else is on the field.  He's the one who got the extra coat.  The extra servings."

Wow.  Has anybody been more verbally beaten up, questioned, and unfaily criticized throughout the years than Donovan McNabb?  This guy has been a human pinata ever since he stepped foot into the NFL in 1999.  McNabb has borderline Hall of Fame numbers, and some people talk about him like he is the softest and worst quarterback the game has ever seen.

Settle down, Hopkins.  Retire while you're at it.  I'd hate for your brain to turn into mush.  That wouldn't even validate these ridiculous statements.