Long time Syracuse Assitant coach Bernie Fine, fired by the University back in November for  allegations of Child molestation that still has no weight and appears to be a weak case if that has been hired to be a consultant with an Israeli basketball team.

After 36 years alongside Jon Boeheim, and despite Boeheims 1st defending him Stracuse bowed to pressure, not facts, not criminal charges, and fired Fine. The case looks shaky at best at this point with 1 "victim" racanting  his claim then not then recanting and another 'victim" flat out saying he lied and made the whole thing up.

Maccabi Bazan Haifa of the Israeli Basketball Super League hired Fine as a consultant to the club. Fine is Jewish. The team is owned by a  fella from Florida Jeffrey Rosen.

Rosen and the team announced they will use Fine and his sharp basketball mind for all decisions on the ballclub, including their current search for a new coach and other personal choices.

Maccabi Haifa is perhaps Israel's finest basketball team and has done tours of games in the United States Previously, including playing the NJ Nets back in 2010. Maccabi was cruising along nicely until the NBA lockout ended.They lost their best player Sean Williams to the NBA after the work stoppage came to an end. Since then the team has gone 5-20.

As for the case against Fine-I have claimed all along it looked weak and lame. It appears to be falling apart by the day. The Hungry to destroy people media has backed off.

Although this isn't big time Division 1 basketball it is nice to see Fine back in the game he has devoted his life to. It should be noted the investigation into Fine's molesting 2 ball boys is still ongoing.