Nicknames are synonymous in sports. We have "Megatron," "Captain Clutch,' 'King James.' It's just the culture we live in today where we identify athletes by their nicknames.

With the movie "Batman vs. Superman" being released yesterday, I started thinking of my favorite Batman and Superman in sports. For me, it was easy.

Dwayne wade is the best Batman in sports. He wins when it counts and always comes through in the clutch. The 3-time NBA champion has fought a number of injuries, but no matter how often he's kicked while down, he always gets back up stronger. Wade is also a 3-time NBA all-defensive team. He's also shown us he can play with a number of sidekicks over the years and when necessary can impose his will.

Shaquille O'neil is by far the best Superman in sports. With age as his Kryptonite, Shaq was able to capture four championships, 3 NBA Finals MVP's, one NBA MVP award, and be a 15-time All-Star. He also had 14 consecutive seasons of 21 points per game or more, showing his longevity.

Other notable Batman's were Matt Harvey, Manu Ginobili (Bat Manu), Homer Bailey (Looks just like Christian Bale).

Other notable Superman's include Cam Newton, Jimmie Johnson, Dwight Howard, and Arthur D. Pennington (Negro League legend[look him up]).

So I pose this question...who are your favorite Batman and Superman in sports?

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