I'm always looking for a great burger, so I thought I would post about the best place to get a great burger. If I was on death row, my last meal would be a burger and fries. So here's my list:

217 Western Ave Albany
Amazing, really thick burger with just the right amount of pink and still jucy. (I like mine RARE but most places won't make them as raw as I like due to food safety issues. The fries at Crave get a C-.

2. Five Guys
All over town
Not a fan of the double patty burger -- I would give it a B, but the fries are A+, simply the best I've ever had.

3. Burger Fi
Rt 9
Love Burger Fi -- great burger made from Angus beef and cooked to order. Fries are solid I would give the burger a B.

4. Applebee's
I was shocked at how good this burger was. I had gotten Applebee's burgers in the past and was not impressed, but this time around it was great. I don't know what they did, but keep doing it. Fries sucked -- nothing special about them.

I will always be trying new burgers! If you have a suggestion, E-mail me at wolf@1045theteam.com.

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