Mother's Day is this Sunday and if you've already got a gift planned, good for you! If not, shame on you! Don't worry though, we've got you covered.

Not every mom likes to sit back and sip girly cocktails. Many moms appreciate a nice craft brew, so we're bringing you some of the best beer-related gifts for your mom this Mother's Day.

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    Membership to Beer-of-the-Month Club

    Why not give your mom a gift that keeps giving? Sign her up for this beer-of-the-month club so she can get beer deliveries right to her door.

  • Credit: UncommonGoods
    Credit: UncommonGoods

    Beer Soap

    What mom wouldn't want to scrub up with some beer soap? This beer soap comes in many different scents, including pumpkin, raspberry haze and chocolate stout.

  • Credit: B.O.B.
    Credit: B.O.B.

    Beer-Opening Cutting Board

    For the mom who loves to cook while she drinks, this beer-opening cutting board does it all at once! The handle has a hole designed especially for popping bottles.

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    Beer Savers

    Sometimes mom wants a sip of beer, but not the whole thing. There's an app for that. Well, not really an app, but a cap. Beer savers let mom savor her beer and save a little bit for later.

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