No NHL team can afford a big injury with a shortened season and somewhat condensed schedule. However the NY Rangers will have to get through at least the next 2 weeks without their captain Ryan Callahan.

Callahan was injured in the last Rangers game, a 2-1 win over the Flyers.. His injury is being called a "slight dislocated shoulder."

Captain Callahan was injured during a 3rd period fight with the Flyers maxim Talbot and was seen leaving the ice favoring his the shoulder. 1 teammate, Marion Gaborik claims the shoulder popped out.

Callahan unlike many captains isn't the Rangers leading scorer but he is their leading hustler and grit guy. He is 6th in the NHL for forwards in blocked shots and 2nd as far as hits administered goes.

If Callahan has to sit for 2 weeks he could miss 7 or more games. if he takes the entire 2 weeks to recover then he should return February 14th against the NY Islanders

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