When the Giants and Tom Coughlin announced he would no longer be the Head Coach of the New York Giants, one other thing was made clear: Coughlin isn't done coaching. That is, if it's up to Coughlin he'll be back. When asked if his "coaching flame had been extinguished" Coughlin made it clear it was not.

So we know Tom Coughlin believes he can still coach and now he has support from another former Giants Super Bowl winning head coach, Bill Parcels!

The Tuna did a radio interview with 97.5 FM The Fanatic today where he said "I know guys Tom Coughlin's age who know a whole lot more about football than some of the 30-year-olds who are coaching it."

When asked about the Eagles job, Parcells said, "They struggled the last few years. We know that. I think that he can do whatever he wants to do. I don't think there's a number or age on what someone is capable of. If he has the energy to do the job and still knows what he's doing, then age shouldn't be a factor."

What do you think: should Coughlin be the Eagles' next head coach?

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