Fans of the Buffalo Bills have become synonymous with holding rowdy pregame tailgate parties, and specifically, with jumping through folding tables.

We are all aware that it happens, but have you ever asked yourself why they do this?

If you haven't seen this hysterical display, allow me to show you a few examples:

Here's another look:

As social media has grown and evolved, the phenomenon of Bills' fans destroying their tables has grown with it. Most recently, a couple went viral on X for posting a video showing them jump through a table after cutting the cake at their wedding reception.

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So, why does all of this happen? Of all things that could unite a team's fanbase, why did Buffalo fans choose this? Per an article from The Times Union, certain Bills' fans point to this 2015 video as the start of it all:

That video led to this, which was filmed one week later:

From that point on, the trend evolved and grew, and is now a staple of tailgate parties outside Highmark Stadium. Some people have lit their tables on fire before jumping through them, while others have jumped from the top of porta-potties and other tall items.

It's entertaining, it's crazy, it's a bit dangerous, and it isn't going anywhere. We love you, Bills Mafia.

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