Most players who come to the NFL are just happy to land a roster spot on a team.  But one player can now say that he will be joining his "dream team."

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What are the chances of going pro in the NFL?

Making it in the NFL is a lofty goal.  They say that only 1% of the top 1% actually ever really achieve their goal of going pro.  Of just over 1 million high school players, only around 6% of them will actually go on to play in college.  And of those players, only 1.6% of them will get drafted into the NFL.

So, what are the chances of getting to be on your dream team?  Even less likely.

Connor McGovern Will Get To Play With An Old Teammate

Connor McGovern comes to the Bills from the Dallas Cowboys, but before he was there, he played at Penn State alongside current Buffalo Bill Ryan Bates.  Last year, the Bills signed Bates to a 4-year deal.  He was a restricted free agent and he was allowed to test the market before the 2022 season.  Bates was awarded an offer sheet from the Chicago Bears which the Bills then matched in order to keep him on the team.

McGovern and Bates Have Stayed In Contact

The two team mates have stayed in contact throughout the years.  McGovern tells that they text often.  So he would ask Bates about life in Buffalo.  He says that Bates couldn't say enough good stuff about it, including how great the culture was here.

McGovern Admits Buffalo Has Been A Dream Destination of His

It's strange to think about players on a team that are dreaming of what it would be like on another team but McGovern says that if there was a dream team for him, Buffalo would be it.

"I've always thought that like last year, if there would be a dream team like where I can go, Buffalo was always at the top of that. Just to get back up north and I just texted Ryan and I was like 'What's Buffalo like?' And he couldn't have had enough good things to say about it." - Connor McGovern

At Penn State, he played right guard and center.  In Dallas, he played just about everything from fullback to left guard.  That's where most are expecting him to be this year on the Bills.

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