What is the deal with the NFL schedule makers and the New York teams? All three have tough schedules, but the Bills got the friendliest of the three between the Giants, Jets, and them.

Weeks 1-4: The Ravens were a dumpster fire a season ago because of injuries. They'll be healthier in 2016, obviously, but getting them on Opening Weekend is a win for the Bills as rust still may be prevalent in Joe Flacco, Steve Smith, and Justin Forsett. The Jets on the first Thursday night game of the season is a tough matchup, but it's at home so that helps. Then, getting the Cardinals at home is a big win. Arizona is loaded and could be a Super Bowl team in 2016, but forcing them to travel 3,000 miles East is always tough. Then, of course, the dreaded Patriots matchup - and this one is on the road. Maybe Brady and Co. will be vulnerable early on. Doubtful.

Weeks 5-8: This is the nice part of the Bills schedule, as the Rams and 49ers are both winnable games. But you don't like having to travel all the way to LA which could cause a slip-up. The Dolphins are also winnable, remember how Buffalo smacked Miami on the road last year? And then the Patriots in Week 8 is good as you get done with the Pats early.

Weeks 9-13: New England and then Seattle on the road in back-to-back weeks? Have fun with that. The bye in Week 10 will come at a good time after those games. At least Buffalo gets a MNF game at Seattle. And oh, the Bengals are really good - and Jacksonville is on its way to being good, too.

Week 14-END: A nice close to the season. Pittsburgh is good, but Cleveland, Miami and the Jets could all be wins.

All in all? A friendly schedule. I expect the Bills to finish second in the AFC East.