Let's hope the NHL Stanley Cup final starts out better then the NBA finals. The potential is certainly there. Game 1 starts in mere moments.

I will take the Blackhawks to take home the cup for the 2nd time in 4 years, in 6 games. The big key is simple when you look at the makeup of each team, and factor in the main weakness's.

The difference in this series will come down to whether the Bruins cn stay out of the penalty box. If they take penalties at the rate they did against the Rangers or Penguins they will get beat, and quickly.

The Blackhawks power play is dynamic. You could counter so was the Penguins and look what happened to them. Yes but the main difference is Chicago's defensemen generate more offense from the back line in then either New York or Pittsburgh.

The Pens Chris Leteng was not good against the Bruins, thus the Penguins weren't good.

Chicago has a group of backliners who can make plays in the offensive end, led by Duncan Keith, and Brent Seabrook. Keith leads the Hawks with 9 assists in the playoffs so far. Chicago also has gotten production from Johnny Oduya and Nicklas Hjalmarsson. Their defense can easily put some digits on the board.

That means the Bruins must must must not take a barrage of penalties. Tuuka Rask faced nary a traffic in front of him the last 2 series. Toronto mucked it up a bit and came thisclose to taking down the B's.

I think the faster Blackhawks will force the Bruins to take some hooks and trips. If the Hawks don't utilize their team speed they are foolish. It what led them to new heights during the shortened NHL season,breaking a record for the most games before a regulation time loss.

I am taking the Blackhawks in what hopefully will be a very compelling series played in front of 2 great fan bases. The Bruins seem to have the magic, escaping the Leafs in an all time comeback. If the Leafs could close the last 10 minutes who knows what this finals would look like. No matter it looks to me as a cup celebration in the windy coty. Hawks in 6

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