We already know that the Rio Olympics are going to have problems. Problems with the water, problems with the lodging, and hopefully not problems with security and safety.

But we know that athletes and commentators are going to continue to highlight the issues plaguing the games, and on Tuesday, we got a glimpse as to what the conditions are like.

Golden State Warriors center and Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut has been keeping us updated on Twitter:

That's a good start, that Bogut has to put together his own shower curtain. How about this one?

Also, the athletes are apparently sleeping on single beds. Can't imagine that Bogut, a 7-footer, fits well on that...

It's really a shame that Rio has turned into this and the games haven't even started yet. I guess there's new meaning to the phrase "The Olympic Experience."

The games kick off tomorrow in Rio with the Opening Ceremonies slated for later in the week.