Do you remember the name "Sugar" Ray Seales? He fought as an amateur in the North American Championship in the Colonie Coliseum on May 31, 1971 in the light welterweight division. He defeated Marvin Arneson in Albany County and then proceeded to be the only boxer to win a gold medal for the United States in 1972 once again in the light welterweight division.

Make sure to listen to the interview above but there are some highlights we will definitely share below:

  • "Sugar" Ray fought the late Marvin Hagler 3 times and went the distance with him twice. The third time he was TKO'd but he admittedly was not ready for the fight. He had one of the middleweight belts that Hagler needed and had to either fight Hagler not ready for $20,000 or lose the belt for nothing. Needless to say he went in there unprepared against Hagler.
  • Seales loves the game of boxing because of the traveling aspect. Wherever he went after winning gold in 1972 in the United States he was in his hometown. But he also liked going to different states and getting different reactions.
  • In terms of where the game is today, the Sugarman holds similar opinions to others in terms of the fact that there are too many belts. There should be just one belt for one weight class . It will never happen because of the money aspect and the greed of the top people in the sport but Seales references Floyd Mayweather and other ways that there are to make money by means of being a boxing star.


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