We are just two months away from the start of the NFL season and the Jets still have no idea who the starting quarterback will be for them. Will it be Geno Smith, the embattled former quarterback? Or will the team finally come to terms with Ryan Fitzpatrick and settle this months-long debate between the two sides?

In addition to the issues surrounding Fitzpatrick, there are also the issues surrounding Muhammad Wilkerson. Will he play this year under the franchise tag? Will he hold out? Will they get a long-term deal done?

Furthermore, also on the defensive front, there is an issue with Sheldon Richardson. He's been suspended for the season opener, but it actually feels like that's a success for the team. Is it? Also, how does the Jets schedule look on paper? The first six weeks look daunting.

To answer all that and more we brought in the Voice of the Jets, Bob Wischusen.


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