It is not yet official, but Kevin Durant is leaving Oklahoma City for Oakland. The NBA superstar is joining the Warriors to try to compete for championships, something he has fallen short of with the Thunder.

Durant broke the news on the Players' Tribune:

This has a multiple pronged effect:

1. It gives the Warriors are 'Big Four' of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Durant and Draymond Green. It almost appears a lock that the Warriors will return to the Finals for the third straight year.

2. It weakens the Thunder immensely, who were the biggest challengers to the Warriors in the West.

3. It sets the stage for the Thunder to decline rapidly, as Russell Westbrook can leave after this upcoming season.

4. The comparisons to LeBron James' exit from Cleveland are already being made. Durant certainly made his announcement amid less fanfare, but some people are already calling him for a coward for joining a franchise that he nearly just beat. People want him to take on Golden State, not join them.


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