Although today was supposed to be the start of baseball season around the United States, the snow has us feeling like it's still football season...

And with that, we get good news for Buffalo Bills fans:

The incident in question was described in a column by our friend Mike Rodak...

A police report filed by the off-duty officers after the incident said that McCoy and his party started a fight over a bottle of champagne purchased by the officers. But a source close to McCoy told The Buffalo News that one of the off-duty officers, Roland Butler, grabbed a bottle of champagne that was ordered for McCoy's table.

This does not mean that McCoy has avoided all trouble. He could still be subject to discipline by the NFL. Rodak says: Although McCoy reportedly won't be charged, the NFL will conduct its own investigation into the incident and still could discipline the Buffalo Bills' running back.

It's still good news for the Bills and their fans, but it doesn't mean Shady is out of the woods yet.

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