Well now its July we have to start talking football or the lack there of. Football has been boring all off-season everything interesting has taken place in a board room with brief cases not on the grid iron with shoulder pads, and I’m starting to pay attention to real life ( I know way to much about the Casey Anthony Trial). I just want to focus my attention someplace else, no matter how stupid or ridicules the topic may be…..Enter Brett Favre

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Brett has stated to NBC Sports, that he wants to play again in 2011. Yes something to get me watching ESPN instead of MSNBC, Something going on in sports besides slow motion replays of the women’s world cup (I like the bouncing). In the words of Cinderella, “Don’t know what you got till it’s gone”, without football all spring I have had nothing to keep my tummy full of hard hits and touchdowns and junk, and have been forced to grow closer to my family.

Word on the street is that this is nothing more then what Brett wants; I don’t see many teams willing to take a shot at a title with Old Man Favre. A lot of teams have drafted young Qbs in the last 5 years or have seasoned guys like Manning and Brady in the cockpit. Who knows I could see a team like Washington taking a year rental on Favre just to hold pace while they try and build something out of the pile of crap that is the Redskins.

I don’t care who takes him, I don’t care whether he comes back or not, I just care that he is trying to grab at his last few strands of fame while the NFL is on life support in some dark conference room.  Thank you so much Brett. Thank you for providing even one day of topics between now and when Saratoga opens.  I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of talking about Joey Chestnut like the guy won a Heisman for stuffing 80 hotdogs in his face.