It’s time for manager Aaron Boone to lower the boom on his pathetic team. The Yankees have a lineup that is among the best in the game, and that makes a 5-10 start to the season unacceptable. Boone who is known as a players manager needs to get a lot tougher on his team, and let them know it’s time to wake up. Only 11 hits in three three games against Tampa is embarrassing for a glorified All Star lineup. It’s still early and the Yankees will eventually start to hit, but Boone needs to make a statement, and he needs to do it right now. Brian Cashman addressed the early season struggles and you can find part of that below:

No one better than Karl Ravech to talk about the Yankees early season struggles as well as the world of baseball through the first two and a half weeks of the season. You can listen above and read the highlights below:

  • When the temperature gets warmer the Yankees will start to hit but the defense is a bit concerning. There are teams that could be better than the Yankees now in the American League but the Yankees should still be among the top when all is said and done.
  • As a whole they are all struggling and that recipe for disaster because they have a ton of guys that swing and miss. Let's get Luke Voit back so we can really see if the sky is falling.
  • Dodgers and Padres showed us what baseball can be this back weekend and the intrigue is absolutely there with intensity between these two teams. The Padres hate the Dodgers and with 16 more games between the two, we are in for a treat when these teams are matched up.

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