Erin Andrews and Brooklyn Decker exchanged pleasantries at the GQ 2012 Super Bowl Party.  Their pleasantries became our pleasantries.  I'm not even sure if that's grammatically correct, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.


Ahh, yes, Brooklyn Decker and Erin Andrews.  There are so many observations that I could make which would eventually get me in trouble.  I'll do my best to keep things professional though.  The first observation is this; what an awesome idea to have Brooklyn Decker play Erin Andrews in an ESPN movie.  Very nice.

The second observation I made while watching this video is that it would be a much better video if it were muted.  Seriously, these girls are smokin hot, but things get annoying quickly when girls are being girly girls.  I won't hold it against them though, and I'll definitely be checking out this movie.  There probably is no chance of them recreating that video shot by the perv when Erin Andrews was in her hotel room, is there?  I mean, you've got Brooklyn Decker playing Erin Andrews...  You know what; I'm just going to end this blog right now so the suits don't punish me.

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