Ok maybe that number is a little high, but maybe not. There in no official count mind you, but if there were it could be approaching that lofty number.

1st it was Knick Guard and new sensation Jeremy Lin, now it is cultural icon and New Jet Tim Tebow.

Thanks to a publication  called Buisness Insider and some fool named Tony Manfred you can find out where Tim Tebow has taken up residence as he gets ready for his 1st year with the Jets.

I won't be printing the information here. I am outraged you can even find it. The garbage media, always concerned about who says something they deem "racist" always playing the "gotcha card", always ready to destroy the next person reeks of hate and jealousy.

I have written and talked about my high level of dislike for the media. The most dangerous entity we have for our country isn't a terrorist with a bomb in my view but  the crap media.

Oh I would love to use stronger language in my condemnation. I won't . No need to. Be it a sports producer for ESPN, A talk show host in Albany, the garbage media seeks to destroy peoples lives or careers then happily move onto the next target. This is the mentality of these deranged people.

Unlike the garbage media that will demand the firing of said sports producer for using dumb words describing Jeremy Lin and his Asian heritage, printing an address for a famous and sought out personality, be it sports or entertainment or politics or whatever, this can and will 1 day cause real harm outside of "hurting someone's feelings" but this ladies and gents is your media and what they have become. This is why they are the most dangerous people we face in my opinion!!!!!

I said this on my radio program, and several times in my career I have stared down the hatred and political correctness of the garbage media and honestly some listeners who are "offended" and 'appalled" at the drop of a hat, calling a name is nothing. Giving a lunatic the home address of a crazy person or even a well meaning adoring fan puts real risk on that person's life.

Think I am off base? Ask Erin Andrews of ESPN or ask David Letterman of late night TV fame. just 2 examples of famous people that have been stalked.

Yet for the deranged or easily "offended' groups like the AAJA will put out statements of what is offensive or not pertaining to J Lin of the Knicks. It was I on my radio show in the Capital Region (Game On with Bruce Jacobs-3 to 7pm mon-fri) on 104.5 The Team, ESPN radio that informed these fools at the AAJA of the danger media put Lin in by printing his home address. The clueless fools at the AAJA-so concerned you don't use certain phrases concerning Lin had no clue of this. No they like so many of the pathetic we have are more concerned with words that don't hurt then with actions that could.

I said this on my show and I say it here. I would never have fired this producer at ESPN for using a poor choice of words concerning Lin (he said something about "chink in the armour") concerning Lin's game. Oh the outrage of the panties in a wad-politically correct. they were "offended" and "appalled" of course but that's how they go around life. Yet these same idiots have NO PROBLEM printing the home address of the famous.

Just another example of the sickness of the garbage media. I would fire-yes fire this writer for doing this. I would not have fired that ESPN producer.

Heck that number in the title come to think of it might be low cause every day the garbage media will sink to a new low!

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