Have you noticed the mornings are starting to get chillier here in the Capital Region? It is nothing compared to what could come this winter and the 12 coldest days on record in Albany.

Maybe like my family you strive to not turn the heat on until November, but somehow due to a super cold morning you kick it up in October. These are just the first signs of what is to come with the arrival of winter.

How Cold Is Record Cold In Albany?

I can best sum it up this way: every day on this list of the twelve coldest days in Albany history all land at more than -20 below zero. I really do not know if there are enough layers to keep you comfortable at the crazy level of cold. It is the kind of cold that when it hits your face, it feels like you are being smacked. So grab a couple blankets, curl up with your phone or laptop, and check out the 12 coldest days in Albany history since records started being kept in 1874 from Weather.gov.

The 12 Coldest Days On Record In Albany

Albany has the potential to be brutally cold in the winter. These are the most brutal of the brutal, the 12 coldest days on record in Albany history since 1874 according to weather.gov.

10 Largest Snowfalls On Record In Albany

Capital Region Record Snowfall Totals December 2020

December 16th and 17th, 2020 Winter Storm Gail dumped a record amount of snow across the Capital Region. Here are snowfall totals the GNA listeners reported from cities and towns throughout the area.

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