What's not to like about new masters champ Bubba Watson? A swashbuckling golfer, flair, personality and humble. The total package. Oh and a winner.

See Bubba slash at the ball with a mighty swing. Hear Bubba yell at himself after hitting an errant shot. Anyone who plays the great game of golf can relate. Except for 1 thing. That Driver!

Imagine if I got caught using that or any pink club at 1 of our local golf courses. Yeah I would whip that thing out at Orchard Creek where we teed it up on Friday and I would be the laughingstock of the town!

This is called lack of substance and needing something to complain about. My guess is Bubba uses that club because of some charitable cause. No man would choose a Pink club for the sake of using a Pink club would they? Anyone reading this-male-use a Pink club?

Imagine I can only pick on the color of the driver Bubba uses. wait till others find out Bubba is pals with Tim Tebow and a very religious man. The Pink club foolery will be mild in comparison!

Congratulations Bubba on a great Masters win and great memory of a lifetime with that shot on #10 in sudden death!