This year's Bud Light Super Bowl send off winner was Ted McNeil of Athens, NY. Ted's trip to Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota was no doubt a trip of a lifetime. Below are some of the highlights of his journey to Minnesota.

Ted caught up with Goz from Levack and Goz earlier in the week at Radio Row in the Mall of America.















During his trip to Mall of America, Ted caught up with Super Bowl winning head coach for the Baltimore Ravens, Brian Billick.

As a huge Patriots fan, it was a thrill for Ted to meet another Ted. This time it was Patriots legend Teddy Bruschi.
















Although the Jets did not make it to the big game, our Bud Light Super Bowl sendoff winner spent time with Jets running back Matt Forte.














Ted also met two other New York NFL standouts. Jamaal Adams and Odell Beckham Jr.


One of the best defensive players of the year, Luke Kuechley spent some time with Ted during the week as well.















One of the most recognizable NFL reporters, Sal Palantonio shared a laugh with Ted before the big game.



After all of the events, Ted finally made it to the big game in Minnesota. Even though his Patriots came out on the losing end, the Bud Light Super Bowl sendoff was an experience of a lifetime.