The life of a professional athlete is anything but an easy one.

Every aspect of an athlete's life has to be exact in order for them to be ready to go on gameday. Things that we may take for granted on some days, like sleep regimens, workout routines and diet must be carefully executed every single day for an athlete to be in peak physical position during their respective sport's season.

Athletes who are at the top of their game, and are compensated well for it, often hire a professional chef to cook their meals during the week. Members of the Buffalo Bills have done exactly that, and the chef that they've turned to has gone viral online for some of his mouthwatering creations.

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Chef Darian Bryan Goes Viral on TikTok as "Buffalo Bills' Private Chef"

While scrolling through TikTok the other day, I came across a video posted by the account @chefdarianbryan. The video in question showed him finishing the plating process for multiple, gigantic, surf-n-turf style dishes.

Luckily, I had just eaten dinner, or I would've been in serious trouble.

I swiped to view Chef Bryan's profile, and made an interesting discovery: Bryan proclaimed himself to be a private chef for "members" of the Buffalo Bills. There weren't any details immediately available as to which players, but either way, I had to learn more.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen with kicker Tyler Bass after their Thanksgiving Day win / Getty Images

Next, I stumbled upon an article from Spectrum Local News linking Bryan to star wide receiver, Stefon Diggs. As I scrolled through more videos, the pieces of the puzzle began to come together. In total, Bryan was mentioned as having cooked for at least Diggs, Josh Allen, Von Miller and Jordan Poyer.

I was amazed at the amount of star players who had contracted Bryan to cook meals for them and their family, but as I began to see some of the culinary creations that Darian Bryan was making, I began to understand why.

So, I compiled a few photos of some of the more exquisite cuisine that Buffalo Bills' private chef, Darian Bryan, had put together in recent videos, and shared them below. Take a look at some of the dishes, but keep in mind: if you're hungry right now, these photos won't help the problem.

Bon Appétit!

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