Everyone football fan already knows that Josh Allen is a superstar on the football field.

A first round draft pick in the 2018 Draft, Allen has developed into one of the NFL's elite quarterbacks. He finished second in NFL MVP voting two seasons ago, and though he didn't get the same nod in 2021, he still performed extremely well, and has been a main reason why the Bills are regarded among the league's best teams.

Apparently, Allen is also becoming an icon off-the-field, and added to that legacy with his most recent charitable initiative.

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Bills' QB Josh Allen Helps Americans Clear $10M in Consumer Debt

A recent story from Fox Business detailed Buffalo Bills' QB Josh Allen's recent charitable initiative, in which he helped Americans deal with their debt ahead of the holiday season.

The specifics are pretty impressive: Allen teamed with the company ForgiveCo to absolve over $10 million worth of debt of necessity for Americans who live in Buffalo, Wyoming, and central California.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Bills' QB Josh Allen / Getty Images

The three locations are significant to Allen, who grew up in California and played junior college in the state, before moving to Wyoming to play at the Division 1 level. Of course, the Buffalo connection goes without saying, but Allen has worked diligently to engrain himself in that community, one of the many reasons he is revered by fans in the area.

Fox Business states that the total number, $10 million, translates to an average of $3,847 for 2,600 people, all of whom will receive a letter from Allen and ForgiveCo by the end of the year officially absolving them of their debt.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Bills' QB Josh Allen / Getty Images

Allen stated that he wanted to give back to the communities who have supported him during his playing career. He teamed with ForgiveCo, a company that was created to help significantly more people (with debt), including middle-class and blue-collar families.

This is an incredible thing for Josh Allen to do, and a gesture that may mean a bit more during the holiday season. There are athletes out there who will lose sight of the journey that took them to the top of the metaphorical sport mountain, and may not appreciate the communities that supported them when they were playing at a lower level.

Josh Allen is not, and will never be, one of those athletes, and because of this, a few thousand families will receive an incredible holiday gift.

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