Rumor has it that Knicks interim head coach Kurt Rambis would not like to see Kristaps Porzingis play in the Olympics and Olympic qualifiers for Latvia.

He'd rather see KP spend time resting and weight training. Do the Knicks have a right to tell Porzingis what to do with his off-season? We asked Alan Hahn of Hahn and Humpty that very question.

We also asked Hahn about the Alex Rodriguez retirement coming in 2017 and if he thinks A-Rod could hold off on that retirement if he's closing in on the all-time home run lead.

We also got the answer on if New York is now a Yankees or a Mets town and we found out what more the New York Giants need to do in free agency.

And then of course, Goz got Hahn to laugh about Hahn's colleague Wally Sczerbiak's gym attire.

LISTEN HERE to Alan Hahn:

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