The New York Knicks are still the number four overall seed in the Eastern Conference and are in the midst of a three game win streak on a west coast trip.  They just took down the Golden State Warriors on Monday night in a game where they were the underdogs.  The biggest concern with this particular Knicks team long term is their overall health and depth with the playoffs in one month from now in mid April.  You want a top four seed to have home court advantage and right now some of their key players are still out including: OG Anunoby, Julius Randle, and Mitchell Robinson.

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Anunoby is again missing time due to this lingering elbow injury he has missed several games with before.  The Knicks are way better with him on the floor and the record shows, especially with his defensive presence.  Julius Randle you hope if you are a Knick fan is back before the playoffs to help get the chemistry back with this team.  Randle is tough and plays hard and they have missed him in the starting lineup.  Mitchell Robinson is said to be missing the entire season but has been posting on social media appearing to show he could return.

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I do believe the Knicks will still be a top four seed and compete but they need their guys back here soon to compete for the Eastern Conference Finals.  Jalen Brunson has been tremendous and other guys both in the starting lineup and off of the bench have stepped up and helped this Knicks team be right in the thick of things.

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