Alan Hahn

Levack & Goz Ask Alan Hahn If The Knicks Will Trade Their Pick?
Alan Hahn covers the Knicks for ESPN 98.7 FM and on TV. He has been covering the Knicks NBA draft options from even before we knew they had the 9th overall pick. So now that the Draft is only weeks away what does Hahn expect the Knicks to do and what does he hope they do with the 9th overall pick?
Neil Walker Within Right to Leave Team (AUDIO)
Mets second baseman Neil Walker is about the only member of the team hitting right now. He's posted a near .500 on-base percentage over the past few weeks and has carried the offense, even as the rest of the team has slumped to 4.0 back in the wild card race, entering play on Thursday...
Do They Have the Right? (AUDIO)
Rumor has it that Knicks interim head coach Kurt Rambis would not like to see Kristaps Porzingis play in the Olympics and Olympic qualifiers for Latvia.
He'd rather see KP spend time resting and weight training. Do the Knicks have a right to tell Porzingis what to do with his off-season...