We all need someone in our lives to be there for us, support us and love us. Hopefully you have family and friends that you can spend time with, share experiences and just keep you from being lonely, even if that family member is a pig.

If you don't own a pet maybe you won't understand this next story. If you DO own a pet, or have a heart, I believe that you will be rooting for a Canajoharie man and his pet pic "Ellie".

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According to News 10 ABC, Wyverne Flatt has a pot-bellied-pig named Ellie that has been more than a pet. Ellie is Flatt's emotional support animal and now their hometown want Ellie to move!

If you have ever been through divorce, financial troubles, loss of a family member, etc. you know that it is so important to have someone to be there for you. I can speak for myself by saying I would take an emotional support rock if it helped in time of need. Anything to not be alone.

Now Flatt and Ellie find themselves in a legal battle with the Village of Canajoharie. It appears that the town considers Ellie to be livestock and NOT an emotional support pig and they want Ellie O-U-T!

Mr. Flatt claims to have done everything he can do to prove that Ellie is a legit support animal. He has her registered as an emotional animal with letters from his doctor but the town refuses to drop the case.

News 10 ABC reports that Flatt has been to court 13 times over the last 2 years and he has been told to get rid of Ellie. Would you get rid of your kid? I wouldn't! Even still Flatt has until December 14 to move Ellie out of the village. We will keep you updated as the mud continues to sling in Canajoharie.

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