Not only does the largest multi-use trail in the state of New York run right through Albany, but, the largest trail in the country does, too.

Both descriptions can be given to the Empire State Trail, which spans 750 total miles from Manhattan, to Rouses Point, and out west to Buffalo. Ironically enough, all three "sections" of the trail meet in the middle, right here in Albany.

The entire trail was completed in late 2020, during the prime of the pandemic. During the time of the pandemic, a large portion of people got back on their bikes, so much so that a national bike shortage developed, and will continue to hit the country until 2022.

That being said, most of the trail already existed. The "Empire State" part of the trail was intended to act as a connector, linking together miles of pre-existing trails around the state.

Take a look at some of the best shots of the Empire State Trail, thanks in large part to the trail's official Facebook page, and the trail's official website, too!

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