It's another clear case of don't believe everything you see on the internet.

Don't believe everything you see online.

Matt Surelee is known for putting hot takes via memes up on his Instagram account, many of them based on feedback from his followers. The account will hit on topics anywhere from wearing headphones at work to reasons people have a beard. It is truly a mix of random topics, including some internet opinions on certain aspects of every state in the Country.

Like the most rewatched TV show in each state...

To the most underrated city in each state...(New York's is Ithaca...)

Now you know where we are going with this, as the same Instagram account recognized a Capital Region city as the most overrated in the state according to its followers:

Is Albany perfect? No. But overrated? I do not think so. And we know like any poll including folks online anywhere in the county needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Folks here in Upstate New York know Albany has plenty of awesome to offer, and there are much more deserving cities of the title of New York's most overrated.

In case you need convincing, here are 10 reasons to back it up!

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