A bald eagle is one of the most majestic things you will ever see and one of the best places to catch a glimpse of one this winter is here in the Capital Region.

I think anytime you spot a bald eagle it is a sighting you will never forget. Before I lived in the Capital Region, I had never set my eyes on one in person. Thankfully over the last couple of years, I have been privileged to see our national mascot and symbol of freedom on a few occasions. I have spotted them on the banks of the Hudson River on Dutch Apple Cruises, and one of my more memorable sightings was seeing one swoop down right in front of me to snag a squirrel near our home in Clifton Park (Word is we have had some nesting near our neighborhood).

Thankfully due to conservation efforts, the once-endangered birds have made a comeback and there are several prime New York spots to catch a glimpse of one, and in the wintertime, one of those spots is right here in the Capital Region.

What Is The Best Place In the Capita Region To Spot A Bald Eagle This Winter?

New York Upstate has compiled a list of several prime wintertime bald eagle viewing locations, and one of them is a Capital Region natural wonder: Cohoes Falls. Why the falls? NYUP says "...during the winter, they tend to concentrate over open bodies of water where food is available. It’s at those places that they can find fish, waterfowl, or carrion to carry them through to the spring."

The report says the falls tend to have "spectacular" numbers of eagles at one point over 20 were seen at this legendary Capital Region location.

Photos Capture Two Eagles Tangling in Mid-Air in the Hudson Valley

Stunning Hudson Valley photos of the female of a pair local nesting eagles protecting her territory from a single intruder eagle.

Gallery Credit: Robyn Taylor

Oneida County Eagles Nest

Pair of Eagles protecting their nest from an Osprey attack in Oneida County, NY.

Gallery Credit: William Straite


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