For the fourth year in a row, the Capital Region Real Men Wear Pink team is battling it out for the top spot in the American Cancer Society's October Breast Cancer awareness and fundraising effort. As of Monday just prior to the 10pm deadline, the Capital Region led Atlanta by a few thousand dollars, by raising $436,477 through the campaign. The Capital Region has held the top spot for 3 years running.


The effort is led by Lizzie Hunter, Director of the Capital Region American Cancer Society. Lizzie's abundant energy and overwhelming positivity catapult this team to the top of the rankings each year.


If this is not an organized effort, the Capital Region would have no chance to compete with cities like Chicago, Los Angelas and Atlanta. Ms. Hunter keeps the group well informed and focused on the team's events throughout the campaign.

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I love being part of a team and this one is as good as it gets. From Jason Gough's pink suit, to Kevin Parisi hosting a Buffalo Bills watch party at the Madison Theatre, to Coach Gattuso's team wearing pink UAlbany emblems on their helmets, everyone is all in. A big shout out to my buddy Todd Curley and Prime Companies for being this year's top fundraiser on the team, raising nearly $65,000 this year.


My friend Mike O'Malley from Decrescente Distributing was the king of fundraising events in October raising a whopping $31,778, much of it a few dollars at a time. My long time friend Carm Basile and CDTA once again brought in over $10,000! Last but not least, the two guys that got me involved with RMWP, Anthony Marino and Doug McClaine raised nearly $25,000 between them!


Of course I am honored to be one of the Real Men Wear Pink team of the Capital Region. Cancer has torn apart my family for as long as I can remember. Somedays I wonder if I will be next. Real Men Wear Pink is one way that I feel like I am doing something to move the needle.


I was blown away on Saturday when my friends at Fiternity in Cohoes (big thanks to Chris Anderson and Anthony Pettagrasso) raised $1000 in one day! My friends and family are amazing. Day after day, I was humbled by their generosity, as we raised nearly $4,000 this year. I am so proud to be on this Capital District Real Men Wear Pink team but I really hope they just don't need us anymore very soon.


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