The New England Patriots went into Los Angeles and pulled out an impressive victory over the Chargers. Sal Pal joined the show and to our surprise, told us he thought that the Patriots ended the Chargers season! He also made an interesting point about Mac Jones and the similarities continuing with Tom Brady. To hear the full answer, listen above! But for the cliff notes version, read below!

"New England definitely but a fork in them and I am blown away by Mac Jones' ability to learn on the fly a pretty complex offense that Josh McDaniels has really curtailed it to the young man's ability which is the short intermediate throws, the play-action, the pocket management. What we are really describing is the beginning to Tom Brady's career. Now we aren't going to compare him to Tom Brady's career but that is what Bill Belichick instructed Charlie Weiss to do with Tom Brady early on."

Classic let down game for Cincinnati coming off of their impressive win over Baltimore, but give the Jets and their no name quarterback Mike White a lot of credit foe pulling off a huge upset. However, the flag that was thrown on Mike Hilton of the Bengals for a helmet to helmet hit was one of the worst calls I have ever seen, and it cost the Bengals a chance to win the game. Congrats to the Jets, but the better team lost because of a call that if reviewable, would have been changed the outcome.

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