Tuesday saw a couple lines of severe weather come through parts of the Capital Region and surrounding areas. One area that was hit especially hard was the Town of Fort Edward in Washington County.

Trees toppled onto homes, branches lined yards and streets. There was even a line of trees - all in a row - that were completely uprooted, raising speculation that a tornado may have touched down in the area.

NewsChannel 13's Dan Levy was on the scene checking out the damage to nearby homes and property first hand. He found neighbors and workers trying to clear roads and yards of downed limbs and toppled trees.

Also on hand was National Weather Service meteorologist Steve DiRienzo to determine whether or not it was a tornado that caused all the damage. He concluded it was not:

It appears like it was straight line winds, just one fast moving cell and there's a wide path of tree damage where they're all laying in the same direction.

In the photos below, an entire row of pine trees can be seen completely uprooted, a result of the strong winds.

Many homes, garages, barns and yards in the area continue the cleanup, which may last all week in some spots.

Strong Storms Damage Homes, Uproot Trees in Washington County

Powerful storms moved through parts of the Capital Region on Tuesday July 12, 2022. One town hit especially hard was the town of Fort Edward. Trees were uprooted, fell onto homes, and caused extensive damage in some places.

Some believe a tornado may have caused the damage, but the National Weather Service says it was a strong system of 'straight line winds'

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