(Pat Cusack Facebook)

For those who tuned into the premiere of Survivor's 37th edition last night, they were treated to an entertaining ride that included everything from laughs to tears. Unfortunately for Watervliet's Pat Cusack and everyone pulling for him, the episode ended with the latter for them.

On this edition of the Sittin' Sportside Podcast below, Eric talks with Pat about what it was like on the David Tribe's beach, what exactly the injury he suffered was and his recollection of the unfortunate events that made the show's medical staff pull him from the game. He also seemed pretty certain he would have been safe had they gone to Tribal Council.


Speaking to whether he would go back on the hit reality show, Cusack said: "I like to think of Survivor 37 as the prequel to my sequel." A heartbreaking way to go out for sure but maybe Jeff Probst, who called Cusack the inspiration for the theme of the season on Rob Has A Podcast's "First One Out" will grant him a chance to make the sequel trounce the original.


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