Former NBA player Scot Pollard will be back on your televisions February 16th when the new season of Survivor debuts. Pollard was a Kansas Jayhawk from 93-97 and played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics where he won a ring in 2008. If he's going to get recognized by his fellow contestants it will most likely be a Kansas or die hard NBA fan.

This will be Survivors' 32nd season and it was filmed in Cambodia.

Other athletes that has tried their luck at Survivor include:

Ethan Zohn, former professional soccer player – Winner of Survivor season three

Gary Hogeboom, former NFL player – Lasted 30 days on Survivor season 11

Jeff Kent, former MLB player – Lasted 22 days on Survivor season 25

Brad Culpepper, former NFL player – Lasted 14 days on Survivor season 27

John Rocker, former MLB player – Lasted 8 days on Survivor season 29


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