A former NBA player is now going to take his chances at a new game. Eleven year NBA veteran Scot Pollard is set to compete on the next season of CBS' Survivor which is set to debut on February 17th.

Pollard, the former standout at Kansas, played on 5 teams over his NBA career, most widely known for his time with the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers. He was the guy with the 'Fu Manchu' mustache that was on the bad end of a lot of poster dunks.

Pollard is the 2nd NBA player to appear on the hit reality show. Cliff Robinson lasted 18 days on the island and finished in 14th place.

You can catch Pollard every week on Survivor: Kaoh Rong until he's been voted off starting Wednesday, February 17th.

How do you think Pollard will do on Survivor?

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