As we sit here in the Team studio on a snowy February Tuesday, Carmelo Anthony is not on an NBA roster. Goz has long been one of if not the loudest Melo supporter we've heard from. Goz has been super sensitive when trying to select where his hero Melo would fit best and take the least abuse. So when I suggested a reunion with the New York Knicks I expected his head to explode. His reaction caught me off guard a little.

My theory is this, the Knicks are terrible and Melo can't possibly be blamed for losses, Phil Jackson is gone, the fans clearly love him and he really wouldn't be holding anyone back. Kevin Knox is the only other Forward on the team that I'm convinced will be there next year. So why not do a true farewell tour for the last great player to play for the Knicks? Give the fans something to cheer for. To my surprise Goz kind of liked it.

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