You don’t see this every day; an NBA official gets smacked in the face with the basketball following a blocked shot.

Referee Derek Richardson took a blocked shot right in his mug on Tuesday evening.  Los Angeles Clippers small forward Caron Butler blocked a shot attempt by Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka into Richardson’s face.  Butler blocked the shot with such force that the ball knocked Richardson over.

To be fair, Richardson was also stunned to be hit in the face with the ball.  It wasn’t just the force of Butler’s block that sent him tumbling.  This play still had to make Butler feel pretty manly though.  Come on, he just knocked over an official with the force and surprise of his mammoth block.  I would’ve personally felt good about it.  Knowing that Richardson was fine, I might’ve strutted around a little bit after my awesome block.

Oklahoma City ended up winning the game 109-97.  Kevin Durant scored a game-high 32 points for the Thunder while Blake Griffin led the Clippers with 31 points.

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