Compassion vs Rules. Emotion vs Fair. Sorry Casey Martin you lose. And I hate that word "fair" cause it has no meaning but in this case it does. It isn't fair to give 1 player a competitive advantage regardless of the emotion over the entire field.

Now in case you missed it the Casey Martin debate is back. 14 years later. Martin will be playing in the US Open, based on a Supreme Court Ruling 11 years ago. Martin suffers from Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome which restricts the flow of blood. He will someday more then likely have to have his leg amputated. It is of course sad but pro golf as all sports and life has rules and the rules state no carts. It is without question a competitive advantage for him to use a cart.

Now you can say he is at a disadvantage because of his disability and that's true but you can't blame the 150 or so players because they don't have that or a similar ailment.

Now SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) ruled in favor of Martin back in 2001, 3 years after the controversy sparked at the 1998 US Open.

No question it is inspirational. I don't argue this on emotion or compassion. But I can argue in some way any golfer who wins it can be construed "inspirational". But pro sports have rules and you can't go bending or making up new rules to satisfy 1 at the detriment of many. SCOTUS ruled 7-2 for Casey. I dare say if it were today Martin would lose or at worst it would be a 5-4 split. If I were on the court I know how I would rule.

I don't see even making a good case using the America With Disabilities Act. I respect and understand the nature of AWDA but it doesn't state that competitive advantages should be given. It does cover discrimination against those with disabilities and it aids them as far as access and other things in the work place. But not at the detriment of being a competitive disadvantage for others.

It is my opinion, although I have never spoken to a pro about it that walking makes the game harder for various reasons. Not that walking and playing golf is physically demanding, but throw in intense thought and focus and a few other things and the combination is the stressful and demanding task. if pro's could cart it around much of this disappears and makes the game easier.

If this were about something smaller then a HUGE competitive advantage for Martin, say a spikes issue or perhaps a minor club issue if there is such a thing I might side with compassion but carting/walking is not a small issue. Sorry casey but if I were the judge and jury I would rule you can't play unless you play like everyone else with no competitive advantage.

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