Last night New York Yankees' pitcher CC Sabathia joined the elite club of MLB pitchers with 3,000 strikeouts. There are only 17 pitchers all time in that club and CC is only the THIRD left handed pitcher to join. I for one think he was a Hall of Famer before last night but now there is no question CC is headed to Cooperstown.

I normally make the argument that the Hall of Fame is more than numbers and I still believe that but baseball fans love stats and some numbers mean your ticket to the Hall is punched almost automatically. For Home Runs 500 is the benchmark, or at least was pre-steroid era. Add in 3,000 hits and 300 wins to the list but clearly 3,000 strike outs is also a benchmark milestone. So now CC has 3,000 K's, 247 wins, a Cy Young Award in Cleveland, that mythical late regular and post season in Milwaukee and a World Series with the Yankees. Put all of that together with the fact he reinvented himself from a fireball hurler to a precision pitcher and there's really no argument to keep CC out of the Hall.

Looking forward to when CC is celebrated in Cooperstown, NY but hopefully the big Lefty has one more World Series run left. With all the injuries for the Yankees they'll definitely need Sabathia if they're going to win it all this year.

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