I have this love-hate relationship for Sir Charles. I love to hate him and hate to love him. Right now I am disliking him..Again!. The latest from Sir Charles  mouth is  "the world is sick of Tim Tebow". Charles never 1 to let facts get in the way of his rambling mouth, check it out Tebow was named most popular athlete in the country. Yeah sounds like the world is sick of him. NOT! Charles what the world is sick of is Tebow haters like yourself. No you aren't a critic you are  a hater in my opinion. Like every show Barkley shows up on he expresses this dislike for Tebow. Why? Who knows. Maybe Chuckster is jealous of the popularity. Maybe Chuck doesn't like Christians. Or maybe Charles doesn't like people of faith or morals. I have no idea but he sounds insane.

The truth is Barkley when he played for the Suns didn't care about playoff games and that sort. He didn't care about how well he was treated by Jerry Colangelo. He didn't care about anything but having a good time and being controversial. Let me expand. Charles was known to hang until the wee hours of the morning before playoff games. Charles trashed Colangelo and the Suns with lies to get out of Phoenix and go to Houston. Barckley was the king of the sun (phx is known as the valley of the sun). Barkley says the dumbest things and frankly many myself included would be trashed for some of the things that falls out of his pie hole. Try this " I hate white people" to a question he was asked. Yes he was kidding. I know this. His wife is white. But imagine if I was kidding and said that about Black people. I love that Charles is interesting and controversial. Love it. He just says what he wants and gets away with it. I could only wish.

But to get back to it why the dislike for Tebow from Barkley?  He called Tebow " A national nightmare" ..Really Charley?  Yes I guess being a Christian, letting people know you are a Christian but not forcing it on anyone or shoving your religion down my throat, winning ball games, but being unconventional are national nightmare stuff? No Charles that's part of the allure, admiration and love many have for Tebow.

Let me also say this about Barkley. He is right at the top of the board when it comes to charitable endevours. The biggest thing is he doesn't tell the media or seek adulation. He does so much for children and the poor. He is a  very generous man. He is a great interview. He is a wonderful personality. He was a great basketball player but could have been even better.I was invited to have dinner with him and his wife but never got to it. I could only imagine the battles we would have had at the dinner table. I wish I had done it..I have this love-hate relationship for Barkley. Right now I am not in the love mode.

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