As this gets to be more and more looking like reality, the main stream sports press continues to lose their collective minds.

For some reason too many pundits think or talk like this is so wonderful. I think it is a disgrace. Embracing steroid cheats, no matter the nostalgia is wrong!

Clemens hurled 4 2/3rds scoreless innings for Independent Sugar Land. Thye compete in the Atlantic league. There was a nice moment in all the cirus that this has become. Clemens catcher in the ball game was his son Koby. Clemens ego is so enormous he named all his kids starting wiht the letter K-thus honoring himself because of all his strikeouts. You just know Clemens is itching to get back onto a major league mound, even through his "soft" denials in post game interviews.

His hometown Astros are so bad and desperate for paying customers they are ready to have "bottle" rocket make a start for them, and perhaps eyeing next year when they move to the AL. What a mockery. WHAT A JOKE!

Clemens by the way won the game, hitting 88 on the radar gun at times and mixing up his pitches more then his 1st start in the I league. Total Clemens pitched 8 scoreless innings against mostly nobody's. Part of me, just a small part wish he did make it back and got hammered in doing so!

Nothing Bud Selig can do about this fiasco. He has already set the bar for druggie cheats to come back by wholly endorsing the return of CHEATER Mark McGwire as hitting coach of the Cardinals.

More sadly the 4,00 or so paying customers to the Skeeters game who gave the cheat a standing ovation after he exited the start with 2 outs in the 5th. No doubt so the egomaniac could get 1 more standing ovation. if it were me I would have booed the heck out of this farce!