The area around the Finger Lakes is certainly known for its wine, but this October, a different type of drink will be on-display. A new event will be taking place in Upstate New York this fall, one that would interest any alcohol aficionado within driving distance of Geneseo Village Park.

So, belly up to the bar, because we have all of the details.

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New 'Whiskey Festival' Set to Debut in Upstate NY Town This Fall

A story from New York Upstate informed us of the inaugural Hoochenanny Whiskey Festival, which will take place on October 21st and 22nd at Genesco Village Park in Genesco, NY.

As stated on the festival's official website, [t]his festival will invigorate your spirit and tantalize your palette with the perfect blend of local culture, community, and hospitality.

In addition to the whiskey that will be on-display, the festival will also featured performances from these musical guests:

  • The Struts
  • Tommy Brunett's All-Star Cavalcade of Scoundrels
  • Los Straitjackets
  • The Sam Grisman Project
  • Public Water Supply
  • Beau

Tickets are available in three different tiers, depending on your level of desired participation: General Admission ($49.99), VIP Admission ($100), and The Whole Expedition (Two-Day VIP Pass, $350).

Here is a  look at where the event will take place in Genesco:

What about the whiskey, though?

It's a great question, as the event is considered a whiskey festival. The tasting will happen at the Rickhouse Rendezvous, which is a whiskey adventure [that] transports you to a bygone era while deepening your understanding and appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

The following distilleries will be featured as part of the Rendezvous event:

    • The Better Man Distilling Co.
    • Southern Tier Distilling Co.
    • Springbook Farm Distillery
    • Tuthilltown Spirits
    • Old Scotland Road Distillery
    • New Scotland Spirits
    • Lock 1 Distilling Co.
    • Finger Lakes Distilling Co.
    • Black Button Distilling
    • 1911 Distillery
    • Great Jones Distilling Co.
    • Cooperstown Distillery
    • Iron Smoke Distillery

Here is a look at Cooperstown Distillery's selection of spirits, in a photo that was recently posted on their Facebook page:

You can visit their website (linked above in article text) for tickets and more information.


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