Heading into the 2018 season there is plenty of hype surrounding both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Both teams are young and stacked with talent. Both teams are expecting big thing and today they start a three game series in Boston. Is this the return of one of the greatest rivalries in sports or just another series?

We all remember the glory days when not only did the Yankees and Red Sox field great teams but there was more, there was a grudge. There was borderline hatred between the two teams. The thought of losing to each other seems to cause the players literal pain. Not since Jason Varitek mushing A Rod in the face have we seen that level of contempt. To be honest that was partly because the Yankees just weren't on the Red Sox level the last few years. That is until last year when the Yankees finally fielded a post season worthy.

So here we are the two teams are both picked to do big things and now they face off. The coaches and players are careful to not say anything negative, as a matter of fact they seem to be fans of each other. I feel like the days of true sports rivalries are over and this is just another series to the players but I will keep hope alive that the rivalry returns. Simply because there's nothing better as a fan then knowing the players care as much if not more than you do.

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