Hated rivals. Heated rivalry. Post season implications. So much on the line. Yet in 1 game, baseballs best rivals showed why they will not be playing in the World Series and let's hope that home plate umpire Brian O'Nora won't be behind the dish in the playoffs.

Let's start with the umpire O'Nora. It took 4 pitches for him to lose his cool and declare a warning to both New York and Boston on Sunday night. After Ryan Dempster threw behind Alex Rodriguez on the 1st pitch of the 2nd inning at bat, it took 3 more pitches for Dempster to finish what he started, hitting Rodriguez below the heavily guarded elbow. Why O'Nora flipped out and warned both ball clubs is a mystery. The Yanks did nothing to warrant a warning except show up to play. O'Nora should have done nothing, but at worst it was Boston who on purpose decided to start hurling baseball's at the opposition. O'Nora basically stopped the Yanks from throwing inside the rest of the game.

That brings me to the Yanks and manager Joe Girardi. I love Joe. Think he is a top flight manager who never gets the credit he has earned. However my biggest complaint with the Yankee skipped continues to be his coddling of grown men, from injuries to brush back pitches. Girardi went ballistic on O'Nora after the warnings and for good reason. However afterwards his whining about opposing fans cheering when Rodriguez got plunked rings hollow. Girardi was a catcher for a number of years. He knows how this game works. They hit your's-you hit their's. No crying in baseball Joe. Worse it is a pattern now when Yankee batters are hit and yet no one retaliates. WEAK Joe! Word gets around. It is around. Take liberties at the Yanks and no response. His crying about if his son was hit and blah blah blah was lame. it wasn't your son Joe, and besides if it were I would hope you would tell a pitcher " Hit 1 of theirs."

Last week Girardi was crying about the White Sox fans  and their treatment of drug cheat Alex Rodriguez.

Get a clue Joe. Baseball fans hate "aroid" and for all the right reasons.He is a disgrace to the uniform and the game. He has besmirched all players with his roid cheating, as all players are under the cloud of suspicion with his cheating and lying and stealing. He isn't the only cheater but he is by far the worst of all the cheaters in my opinion.

Girardi should have ordered 1 of his pitchers on the night to hit a Red Sox player. That's how justice is served in this game. Always has been. Coddlers like Girardi need to toughen up a bit and stop crying. Girardi needed to demand 1 of his bullpen pitchers get some revenge on a Boston player. He didn't. He cried to the media instead. Waaaaaaah!

Then their are the Red Sox. Mouthy John Lackey was popping off to the newspapers about Rodriguez, but when it came time for action he went turtle. Shouldn't be surprising since this guy likes eating chicken and drinking beer in the clubhouse rather then support his mates on the bench. Big talk from Coward Lackey yet no action.

No that was left to the over rated Ryan Dempster. But this guy throws behind "Aroid" on the 1st pitch of the at bat, then throws 2 more balls, then decided to hit him in the elbow. Wow what a tough guy you are "Dumpster" throwing behind a player. Oooh what a man. What a joke.

Throwing behind a player is nearly as gutless as throwing at a players head.  "Dumpster" is a joke.

As for the roid cheat himself. Rodriguez deserves to be beaned, time and time again. Not only have the innocent players been lumped in with this liar, but his apparent ratting out additional players as reported is unforgivable. His " My brothers in the union" pap was just that. I have no doubt Rodriguez went stooly on Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli. I believe that report 100% as it fits the makeup of the cheater Aroid. He would toss his own mother under a bus to save his hide. In the end though he will get his and I can't wait.

So on an unforgettable night in Beantown, with all the hype, live national TV audience, drama, a pennant race, and real anger flowing, all participants came up lame.

These 2 teams next meet in New York on September 5th, a 4 game weekend series. Hopefully the drama will be high again, and hopefully if not suspended Rodriguez gets beaned, again and again. He deserves that. Hopefully this time it will be by a real man, not  "Dumpster" or "Slackey."

Hopefully Joe Girardi will have 1 of his pitchers fire back. Then a weak umpire like O'nora can issue all the warnings he wants!

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