The second installment of the College Football Playoff Rankings gave us more shakeups. Again, these don't have much weight as each of these teams still has plenty of time to rise and fall...

No. 1: Clemson retains the top spot in the poll after knocking off ACC rival, Florida State, this past weekend. The Tigers are in the drivers seat. Now the question is, can they hang on and win the ACC title game?

No. 2: Alabama moves to No. 2 after a dominating performance against LSU. The Crimson Tide were ranked No. 3 last week. As I heard on the radio earlier, the Tide have been largely forgiven for their loss against Ole Miss earlier in the year.

No. 3: Despite being unbeaten on the year, the Buckeyes fell to the No. 3 spot in this weeks poll. Ohio State beat Minnesota last week and gets JT Barrett back from suspension this week. They'll have plenty of chances to move up after playing Michigan State and Michigan at the end of the year before a potential Big 10 Championship game.

No. 4: Notre Dame forces LSU out of the Top 4. The Irish have a loss against Clemson on their resume, but that's the only blemish. Can they hold off Baylor or Oklahoma State for another week?

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